Rooh Afza Returns

It was claimed in Hamdard National Foundation v. Hussain Dalal, 202 (2013) DLT 291 contains some dialogues which injures the goodwill and reputation of Rooh Afza, a popular concentrated squash. It was admitted, Rooh Afza is a well-known trademark. Attention was drawn to Sction 29(9) of The Trade Marks Act, 1999. Hon’ble High Court of Delhi held, considering YJHD had already released, to omit the objectionable content from DVDs or TV versions.

None of this, which was widely reported, had caused any hindrance when was initially named Rooh-Afza and had tweeted about the same on 29.03.2019. It may have been a publicity stunt. For now, Roohi, the character, captured by Ghost-Afza, avoids trouble. But, naming of efforts can be better.