How come UPeans and Biharis are Outsiders (bahiragat) in West Bengal but not infiltrators?


Mamata Didi has been using the word ‘bahiragat’ (outsider) in her campaigns in the Bengal assembly polls. This is mainly to deride Hindi speaking people living in West Bengal. UPeans, Biharis and Marwaris have been having their relationship with Bengal for centuries. Some of them have gone there as employment generators, money makers, traders, and industrialists but lakhs have gone as labourers, workers in plantations and many other industries like Jute and fisheries. They have fully imbibed the culture of Bengal but never before they were ridiculed, mocked or insulted in the manner, Mamata Didi is doing these days.
This shows the extreme frustration of the lady, who has been known for her simplicity. It was thought that cut and corruption would be controlled but it has grown beyond all proportions in her ten-year rule. Her ire, however, these days are reserved for Hindi wallas. There appears to be no reason why millions of Bangladeshi infiltrators, who have completely destroyed the economy and the demography of West Bengal are welcomed with open arms but not those who are the proud and bonafide citizens of the country? Rohingyas, who have also been entering West Bengal in droves through Bangladesh have been settling in West Bengal without any fear from the administration and from there they are moving to the other parts of the country. These infiltrators were previously the die-hard supporters of the left front government but later they switched their loyalty to Mamata. It is because of this reason; she has been opposed to Citizenship Registration. India is perhaps the only country in the world, where infiltrators do not have to fear being expelled or extradited as they get massive support on the communal ground from the politicians for voting en block.
Is it not ludicrous to say our own citizens as the outsiders and infiltrators as brothers and sisters? These Bangladeshi infiltrators have posed a huge threat to the integrity of the country. The massive concentration of the Muslim population in Tripura, Assam, West Bengal, and the Seemanchal of Bihar often raise anti-India slogans. So much so, a student leader has recently threatened to cut the chicken neck of India connecting West Bengal and Assam due to the dominance of the Muslim population.
There is no gainsaying that unless the people remain alert the governments cannot do much, more so, when the system of governance has been hollowed over the years by the termites of corruption.
It is mentionable that there is no town in Eastern Uttar Pradesh or Bihar where Bengalis do not live in very large numbers. They have been getting immeasurable love and affection from the local populace. In fact, the first women Chief Minister of any state in the country was a Bengali – Sucheta Majumdar (Kripalani) of Uttar Pradesh. Neta ji Subhash Chandra Bose drew the biggest support for his Indian National Army from the UP and Bihar. On a personal note, I can say that majority of my teachers in the BHU were Bengalis. There was one teacher in our BA English classes, who insisted on our reading especially the Statesman of Calcutta, which was available at least eight hours late in the evening time, while other newspapers were being distributed in the morning. We use many words like Bhaat (rice) because of the Bengali influence and yet this discrimination by Mamata Didi against UP and Bihar is really painful and an unadulterated lie and deserves to be denounced.