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So-called Farmers’ agitation is bound to fizzle out

The so-called farmers’ agitation is destined to fizzle out sooner than later because it was started by wrong people for an absolutely wrong cause. It is inexplicable why persons like Rakesh Tikait fell into the trap of those people whose hostility to India and their inveterate opposition to Narendra Modi, regardless of any merit is well known. One fact, however, became clearer that Jats can never work against the interests of the country. They did not cause any damage to the national property either on 26 January or 6thFebruary despite instigations from perverts.

   The vacuity of agent provocateurs can be understood from the fact that they are depending on the support of some international bimbos, who have no understanding of the agriculture in India. Now a name of Meena Harris has come up in support of these Jonnies. Till yesterday nobody knew who she was? But today we have come to know that she is an American lawyer whose cause-celebre is that she is the niece of USA’s new Vice -President Kamala Harris.

   This Meena Harris must, therefore, be having easy access to her aunt Kamala Harris, who has now become a powerful woman by virtue of the office that she holds. Then the first thing she should do is to convince her aunt Kamala Harris to enact laws for providing subsidy and MSP to American farmers, which has never been given to them. So much so, the USA even asked India to abandon giving subsidy to farmers. She should also ask her aunt to say the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to extend the subsidy to his own farmers, which he wants to be stopped for Indian farmers. Justin Trudeau is the supporter of the farmers agitation in India for the reasons known to even a dolt.

  It is true that Chinese and Pakistanis are burning the midnight oil for fomenting trouble in India in the name of farmers agitation but there is no need for the government to be disturbed over the tweets of the porn stars and pop singers, who are always prepared to tweet on any or every topic for a fee. So far, the so-called Kisan agitation has not got any official support from any country. In fact, the new administration of the USA under President Joe Biden has even appreciated the new farm laws of India. Therefore, there is no need for the Government of India to take any note of the non-state actors. 

   The suggestion of the BJP leader Subramanian Swamy is also worth considering that the implementation of three laws should be left to the state governments. If that is done, the state governments will soon realise the importance of the new laws.