Blast From The Past: The Benefits of Four Way Settlement Conferences

Is a Settlement Conference Worth it?

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Below is the repost of a blog from February 19, 2011 that has stood the test of time! Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques have flourished over the last 10 years! With escalating litigation costs and Court delays, 4 way settlement conferences are a great tool to move a case towards resolution. Operating in “good faith” and being willing to compromise is a major key in reaching success.

Settlement Conference 101: How to Schedule, what to Expect, and how to Prepare

The topic for this Family Blog Article is one that is I like to use and one that I highly recommend to clients and to other practitioners.  A four (4) way settlement conference is a meeting or conference attended by both parties (Husband and Wife) and their respective attorneys.

The meeting generally takes place at one of the attorney’s offices but it could be held at an absolutely neutral location such as the Bar Association, a local library, or a church having meeting rooms available for the public.  The meetings can take place during normal business hours but can also be held during evening or weekend hours as no one from the …