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Captain Marvel Vs. Thanos: Who Wins In A One-On-One Last Standing Match?

What Happens when Captain Marvel comes face to face with Thanos, The Mad Titan?

The high point of MCU Phase 3 was the back to back introductions of its inevitable big bad guy and its most powerful hero. After introducing the Mad Titan Thanos in 2018 Avengers: Endgame, Marvel studio debuted another cosmic powerhouse in Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel right before the Endgame. Both the characters were equally formidable and even after witnessing both going toe-to-toe, fandom can’t decide who is stronger.

While Thanos was seen going through the MCU’s mighty trio Captain America-Iron Man-Thor – even without the Infinity Gauntlet – it took a while for him to overpower Captain Marvel with one. In fact, while considering who is more powerful we need to take into account that Thanos wielded the Infinity Gauntlet.

Watch: AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) Captain Marvel Vs. Thanos Fight Scene

Here’s a detailed look at the Captain Marvel Vs Thanos fight scenario.


Both Thanos and Captain Marvel possess great strength. Thanos, even without a gauntlet, could easily take on Thor, Captain America and Iron Man combined. However, Captain Marvel could hold him off the longest from snapping his fingers. So Carol Danvers is any day stronger than half eternal Thanos.


While Carol Danvers can get hit in the face by a raw infinity stone and walk away, she couldn’t be more durable than Thanos. The Mad Titan has nigh invulnerability, meaning, he is least susceptible to any kind of injury.

Fighting Skills

While is an expert combatant herself owing to her military experience, Thanos is a highly skilled unarmed combatant. Time and again he proves it by beating the likes of Hulk and Thor. What makes him a formidable warrior is his unpredictability! This can be seen when he hit captain Marvel with the raw Infinity Stone.

Cosmic Awareness

Captain Marvel has an edge over the Mad Titan due to her cosmic awareness – which is like Spidey-sense but expanded on a galactic scale. She can predict her opponents’ moves.

Captain Marvel Vs ThanosWhat happens when Captain Marvel comes face to face with Thanos.

Psionic Powers

Thanos has a range of telepathic powers, both offensive and defensive in nature. Apart from that, he is cursed with knowledge, a kind of super-genius intelligence and also has mystical knowledge.

Binary Mode

While Thanos has telepathic and mystical powers, Captain Marvel gets her power level up by going binary. In her binary mode, Carol can draw energy from a white hole giving her light, heat and radiation manipulation powers.

Captain Marvel Vs Thanos: Conclusion

It all boils down to one conclusion that it’s hard to decide who is going to win the fight between Captain Marvel and Thanos as both possess an edge in some way or the other. Furthermore, Endgame’s editor Jeff Ford told how the powers of these cosmic beings are possibly at the same level if not less. Talking about finding the balance between the characters, Ford said, “We had to find a way that [Thanos] could sideline Captain Marvel for a minute because she’s so powerful, there’s no way to do it. “I think [Thanos’ Power Stone tactic] sells the notion of how powerful she is, and then having Thanos take her out shows how powerful he is.”

Captain Marvel Vs Thanos FAQ

Why Captain Marvel lost To Thanos?

Captain Marvel is physically stronger than Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet. However, in the Endgame she got punched in the face with the Power Stone giving Thanos an edge over her.

Why Captain Marvel didn’t snap instead of Iron Man?

During the Endgame Captain Marvel held Thanos the longest from snapping his fingers. While she gave a fitting fight, directors Anthony and Joe Russo decided that the conclusion and story belongs to the OG Avengers. Making it more apt for Tony Stark to snap than Carol Danvers.

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