WATCH: Cast Of ‘Siesta Key’ Previews Season 4 On MTV

(CBS Local)– “Siesta Key” returns to MTV for season four on Wednesday, May 12 at 8pm EST/PST and this year, fans will see Brandon navigating life as a father, Juliette and Kelsey launching their businesses, Madisson’s prepare for her wedding, Chloe’s spiritual journey and Amanda’s career as a filmmaker.

CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith talked with Brandon, Juliette, Kelsey, Madisson, Chloe and Amanda to preview the new season, discuss how the show has changed their lives and what it was like to film a show in the middle of a global pandemic.

“Season four was the most nervous and excited that I have been for any season,” said Brandon Gomes. “I have so much more real life happening now and I have a child now. I’m excited to see this season and Siesta Key has been great for me. It’s given me a platform, eye balls and fans.”

“I got into filmmaking and it happened because of this show,” said Amanda Miller. “It helped me go forth with my passion and my career and it was something I always wanted to do. I’m almost on my senior year coming up, so I love it. I love being on the show and it helps me put myself out there and build a platform.”

“I’m most excited for people to see a shift from us being young and worrying about partying and stupid fights and now are lives are really centered around more serious things,” said Juliette Porter. “I’m most excited for people to see my business journey and my brand. I’m very excited that Siesta Key gave me a platform to launch this.”

“I went through quite the transformation during quarantine time,” said Chloe Trautman. “We started filming this new season that’s coming out in November. I had gone through a pretty big transformation before we started filming. When we started filming, I quickly realized I would have to face a lot of the things I said and did to others. I was going to be placed in an environment that I’m normally pretty used to where not so nice things are said about other people. It was almost this internal battle between the old me and the new me.”

“It was the hardest season probably for all of us up to this point,” said Madisson Hausburg. “I’m really excited because like Chloe said, I think we all kind of came to this point of self-discovery. I think this season, a lot more than others, highlights mental health. It was a really hard year for the whole world and I think everyone can relate to our struggles.”

“I agree with everyone that in the past there have been little tiny fights, but we’re getting older and the things we are dealing with in our life are a lot bigger than what it used to be,” said Kelsey Owens. “Madisson is engaged, Brandon has a baby and we have businesses. I think that’s a lot bigger than what we’ve seen in the past. There’s a lot more at stake. I think this is a hard season for all of us and you guys will see us hit that rock bottom and work our way through it.”

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