Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro vs. Canon EOS C70

So I currently have a Canon C70 and am now eyeing the Pocket 6K Pro as an alternative, the reasons being that it finally has internal NDs and better battery life. In addition the Pocket 6K has raw which is really nice to have for post-flexibility in my opinion. The only thing that's keeping me on the Canon C70 really is the dynamic range vs the Pocket. CineD doesn't have a test for the C70 but the dynamic range is a smidge lower than the Red Komodo that clocks in at about 12.5 stops as opposed to the Pocket at 11.8 at SNR = 2. Autofocus and IBIS aside, which one would you get if you're solely looking to achieve the best and most flexible image quality to usability ratio? Thank you!

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