Almost two weeks into owning a Quest 2.

So last Saturday I bought a 64GB Quest 2 and I love this thing.

I have played all 3 Vader Immortal games, been playing through Star Wars Tales From Galaxy's Edge (why did I not hear about this amazing game before finding it in the Quest store?), played a bit of Bait, Elixar did not work (hand tracking sucks with the light in the dorm). I also got a cheap 16ft cord to play games off my pc (mostly been playing free games off Steam to try and see what my PC can handle, but also playing VR versions of games I already owned). Star Wars Trials on Tatooine, Star Wars Droid Repair, the 2 Spiderman movie tie ins, Blast the Past, Propagation VR, AirCar, NVIDIA VR Funhouse, and KFC The Hard Way are all fun free VR titles. Also been playing Phasmaphobia in VR while my friends play in normal mode. My computer can't seem to handle Star Wars Squadrens VR (even though I meet the recommended requirements).

I like the price, being able to connect to a PC (don't like that that cable is sold separate, but at least it is a USB-C cord), how good everything works, and I like how the headset looks.

So far the only thing I don't care for is the base head strap (will look into changing it).

I wish that I can get my friends to get one, but they claim it's too expensive (which makes no sense when you look at the things they have purchased in the last few months, but oh well). So far I have had an amazing time playing on this thing and I can't wait to see what comes next.

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