Need help deciding on headset and should I get.

This might be a little bit long so please read and bear with me for a moment. I am disabled in rl , but my disability's do not stop me from walking but I require a cane to walk more then a few steps. I can stand for longer without a cane if I do not walk more or just kind of shuffle around. I have 5 bulging disc in my back, 3 places of stenosis and 3 places with medium to high amount of arthritis. I am 37 years old and have tried over the last 2 years physical therapy 2 times and both times it did almost nothing.

I still do physical therapy to this day but it is not as much as I should. I also have severe mental illness to as a combination of depression, bipolar, anxiety and a few other issues. I do not say this for you to pity me I just need to explain my situation for you to understand my question.

My question is first off I have read VR can help with loosing weight and physical therapy. Since my back went out I have gained 100lbs over the last 15 years. I have tried several diets but nothing really seemed to work. I'm on a diet now and lost 15lbs but it has slowed down since then. so my question is does anyone have experience with this helping with back pain / strengthen muscles to help with chronic pain? I can not really do most exercises and VR seems low impact and fun so since I finally have some money that is extra I was wondering if anyone had any experience with either of these.

I do have a strong pc because my family helped me with some money they inherited ( I would inherit later on ) because I am stuck at my pc all the time. I have a 3900x and had a Radeon VII but with some extra money this year I got a 3080 from BestBuy ( was hard to get ). I sold my Radeon VII for 950$ ( yes that is 250$ more then msrp when I bought it almost 2 years ago ) and I feel bad I went a long with the used market but it is not often I get money and to upgrade or do things with it.

My last question is what headset? hp g2 or the index? a friend of mine online has the index and swears by it. The only reason I consider the g2 is my brother is also disabled ( he pretty much has same issues as me, runs in the family genetics suck ) so he could borrow and use on his pc sometimes. We live in the same house so he could use it at my pc but I am her either laying back to take pain off back and watch YouTube or playing games when my back can handle sitting up for 2 - 3 hours before I need a break. ( I am leaning towards the index because i am use to high refresh rate and it has bigger fov with better controls ) Also I have 1400$ saved but I need 300$ for something else.

TLDR: disabled, will it help me loose weight? anyone experienced with vr helping with chronic pain? what headset to get g2 or index?

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